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Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT-EI-064
Technical Specifications:Size: 22mmPackage: Plastic Hanger..
AED 12.00
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FMT-001
15pcs Sockets: 10; 11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 22; 24; 27; 30; 32mm,2pcs Spark Plug Sockets: 16 mm & 21mm,1pc Ratchet 72T2pcs Extension Bar: 125mm & 250mm1pc 3-Way Adaptor1pc Universal JointChrome Vanadium Steel (50BV30) DIN 3124Satin or Mirror Polish Finish..
AED 284.00
22pcs - Precision Ratchet Screwdriver Set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT-C-0054
Technical Specifications:1pc Ratchet Screwdriver 20pcs Precision Bits 28mm1pc Precision Bit Driver 100mmCR-VPackage:Plastic Cover..
AED 39.00
230mm Diamond Disc - Dry
Out Of Stock
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FPTA-04-0014
230mm Diamond Disc for dry cutting...
AED 102.00
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FPTA-1063
Grit: A30Bore: 22.23mm6600r/min 80m/s..
AED 9.00
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FPTA-1051
Grit: A24Bore: 22.23mm6600r/min 80m/s..
AED 21.00
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT-EI-065
Technical Specifications:Size: 23mmPackage: Plastic Hanger..
AED 15.00
24 Pieces 1/2 Drive Ratchet and Socket Set
2-3 Days
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FMT-026
12pcs Standard sockets: 10; 11; 12; 13; 16; 18; 20; 21; 24; 27; 30; 32mm5pcs Deep Sockets: 14; 15; 17; 19; 22mm2pcs Spark Plug Sockets: 16mm; 21mm2pcs Extension Bars: 125mm; 250mm1pc 3Way-daptor1pc Extendable Ratchet 72T1pc Universal JointTool BagSatin or Mirror Polish Finish..
AED 341.00
Out Of Stock
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT0078
Technical Specifications:CR-V MaterialPolish FinishSize: 24"Package: Plastic Hanger..
AED 121.00
Out Of Stock
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT-EI-066
Technical Specifications:Size: 24mmPackage: Plastic Hanger..
AED 16.00
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT0436
24OZ Claw Hammer Graphite..
AED 73.00
Brand: Ford Tools Model: FHT-C-0042
Technical Specifications:1pc Ratchet Screwdriver4pcs Slotted: 6x150; 6x100; 5x75; 6x383pcs Phillips: #2x100; #1x75; #2x382pcs Precision Slotted: 2,5x50; 3,0x50mm2pcs Precision Phillips: #0x50; #1x50mm4pcs Precision Torx: T6; T7; T8; T9x50mm8pcs Bits: - 2pcs Pozi: PZ1; PZ2 - 3pcs Torx: T15; T20; T25 ..
AED 98.00
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