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Brand: INGCO Model: HSU025001
INGCO glass suction cups are light, durable, and hard to scratch.The suction pad is made of high-quality rubber with strong suction power.Great for lifting glasses, pulling dents, and handling glasses, sheet metal, and plane surface materials such as tile and granite.Before use, make sure that the s..
AED 32.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HKTF63
INGCO 6 Pc File Set is the perfect setting for various applications of sharpening, shaping, and deburring for DIY projects. Six different styles for superior versatility include Flat, Flat Warding, Square, Triangular, Round, and Half-Round.The ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortabl..
AED 32.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HLHP01
Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces such as leather, belts, plastic, rubber, canvas, fabric, cardboard, saddles, and other products.The professional punch plier adopts a double lever mechanism to greatly save your strength. The punch plier has an anti-slid and environmental protection handle. The..
AED 21.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HGS31751
Scraper Removes many different surface stains such as paint and automotive glass film.Multipurpose scrapper is a must-have tool for home and industrial cleaning ( Great for removing residual glue, wallpaper, paint, stickers, labels, decals from windows, tiles, walls, glass, windshields, floors etc)...
AED 11.00
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