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Brand: INGCO Model: HKNS16618
All Metal Body is heavy-duty and rust resistant.Narrow Body for maneuverability and storage.Integrated Blade Snapper for easy blade snapping.Ribbed Handle for grip and control...
AED 21.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HKNS16538
All Metal Body is heavy-duty and rust-resistant.Narrow Body for maneuverability and storage.Integrated Blade Snapper for easy blade snapping.Ribbed Handle for grip and control...
AED 21.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HWSP15608
Perfect Wire Stripper that is capable of stripping different wires from 14-24 AWG(0.25mm-6 mm).Automatic stripping pliers automatically adjust according to the volume of cable wire stripping diameter.Eagle nose head design can be used in narrow spaces, outlet boxes, and circuit breaker boxes. I..
AED 28.70
Brand: INGCO Model: HHS62011
INGCO garden hedge shears are ideal for cutting and trimming hedges. It is lightweight, sharp, durable, and brings a clean smooth cut.The blades of these hedge shears are made of forged carbon steel with an anti-stick coating, which provides a great cutting performance and long-lasting usage.The erg..
AED 29.70
220mm High Quality Carbon Steel Pruning Shear
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Brand: INGCO Model: HPS0601
Sharp blades are made of hard carbon steel and heat treatment Teflon coating. You can trim dry, rough, aged, and dead branches, boxwood, shrubs, hedges, and bushes smoothly.Ergonomic handles are safe and anti-slip to operate, convenient, and comfortable to grip. Easy twist helps trim branches at an ..
AED 43.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HKSDB0248
INGCO 24pcs screwdriver bit set has 24 different types of screwdriver bits, multi-magnetic driver makes it easy to fix bits and pull screws out. These screwdriver bits can meet all the tool repair needs for a DIY job.It attracts screws easily, makes it easy to take screws out, and prevents tools fro..
AED 32.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HWB02250
INGCO Wire brush set for cleaning tough surfaces; great for removing paint, rust, corrosion, welding slag, and more.Ergonomic Long Curved & Durable plastic handles for comfort and easy to hold and control...
AED 10.00
27 Inch Chopping Axe with Fiberglass Handle, 1250g
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Brand: INGCO Model: HAX02012508
The Forged Carbon Steel Heat Treated Blade makes the axe more durable, produces smooth, sharp, and quick splits, and stays sharp longer than traditional axes.The sturdy yet lightweight fiberglass handle provides you with all the strength you need. The handle has and has a cushioned rubber non-slip h..
AED 53.90
32 pcs handtools set
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Brand: INGCO Model: HKTHP10321
Technical Specifications:32 Pcs Tools setInclude:1 Pcs 7"" Combination Pliers1 Pcs 6"" Adjustable Wrench1 Pcs SL5.5*100 Screwdriver1 Pcs PH1*100 Screwdriver1 Pcs Test Pencil(Test voltage:100-500VAC)1 Pcs Mini Claw Hammer1 Pcs 3M Steel measuring tape1 Pcs Snap-off blade knife1 Pcs 1/4"" Magnetic shan..
AED 164.00
Brand: INGCO Model: AH1051-3
It is made out of PU Material, which provides no tangles, anti-kinking, abrasion resistance, durability, and is lightweight as well.This air hose can be retractable up to 5 meters. After each use, it is easy to organize quickly, save space and carry easily.Due to the high elasticity of the spring, i..
AED 21.60
Brand: INGCO Model: MHHF1505
INGCO's strong and compact one-piece aluminum frame and high-quality blade boast professional applications, high hardness, and maximum durability.The hacksaw blade can be installed stably at 6 angles to meet the needs of actual situations, ensuring different angles of cutting, and enabling easier an..
AED 8.00
Brand: INGCO Model: HADW131062
Ideal for auto repair, general assembly, maintenance, plumbing, and moreDrop-forged, heat-treated Cr-V steel construction with corrosion-resistant chrome finishPrecision slide jaw and worm gear for easy adjustment and fastener fit..
AED 19.00
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